The inner part of the park Belongs to the Municipalities of Vall de Boi and Spot.

In the area of ​​Valle de Boi lies the valley of the river from St. Nicholas, and the begining of the Walnut Valley of Tort.

In Plateau Aigüestortes St. Nicholas the river that forms the Meandros with its different forms that serpenteadas dan Vertiente to this number. Others are located between también Llebreta lakes and Lake Llong, visit to appreciate the beauty of this area, in the side of Valle de Boi.

It can acceder with particular car until the lever Molina, from here there is to continue to visit the park or walk is also the alternative transport organizado that leaves the Plaza de boi right in front of the house of the park (Point of Information) and the Suben aigüestortes up the plateau, the beautiful waterfall scuba St. Esprit.

On the plateau there are few aigüestortes Pasarelas adequadas for people of Disability physical tengan navigate with wheelchairs or carts for turismo familiar with babies. The national park has to a great biological richness as both flora fauna due to its climate. In Vertiente spot whose input is afraid of the municipio mismo number and with the legislation that is routed Vertiente lies Lake St. Mauritius and the Enchanted.

The crossing of Aiguestortes by the Collado de Portarró Espot Sant Maurici or vice versa is very impressive, all well signposted and in the summer with transport back to the hotel.